About EAPM 2019

European Congress on Personalised Medicine, Brussels 2019
Education Track

Forward Together with Innovation:
The importance of policy making in the era of personalised medicine

The theme of the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine’s 3rd annual Congress, under the auspices of the Finnish Presidency of the EU, will be “Forward together with innovation: The importance of policy making in the era of personalised medicine.”

High-level speakers and attendees will come from a wide range of stakeholder groups including patients, healthcare professionals, academics, industry representatives, politicians and legislators, the media and more.

The event will be held in Brussels, from 03-04 December, and the Belgian capital has been chosen to host the event as the new Parliament will be in place after the May European elections, while the next European Commission will also, by then, be in the Berlaymont under its new president.

Brexit may even have come to a conclusion by then, who knows? But it will certainly be among the major talking points.

As such, the Congress will be held in Brussels, which will be at the heart of all the ‘action’.

Congress will showcase different objectives which both the public and private sector can support, with a view to allowing the EU to present a common objective.

Innovation and the incentives for it are key to health and wealth in the current EU, and EAPM is sure that its 3rd annual Congress will move Europe forward in this regard.